Squids noodle soup Recipe

Squids noodle soup

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1/2 preserved squid, cut in 1cm thick.
1 onion
2 pips garlic
1 chilly
1 tbsp dried prawn
1 tbsp dried anchovies
1/2 " belacan ( prawn paste)
2 tbsp tamarind (assam jawa)
3 cups water
1 pkt vermicelli ( fine rice noodle)-soak to soften
2 tbsp fish sauce
1 tbsp brown sugar

How to make Squids noodle soup

1. Pound onion, garlic, chilly, belacan , dried prawn and anchovies till fine.
2. Saute in 3 tbsp oil till aroma.
3. Add Assam jawa to water to extract juice. Discard assam seeds. Pour into wok . season with fish sauce and sugar.  Let boil for 15 mins ,
4. Add squids and let simmer for 2 mins then pour over noodle which has been soften. Serve, It can also serve with shredded cucumber.

Preserved squids can be obtained in supermarket or wet market. This squids are soaked to soften from a dried squids. usually used for cooking sambal or rojak.

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