Spicy cockle sambal Recipe

Spicy cockle sambal

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1 kg cockles, cleaned
4 tbsp oil
2 big onion -sliced
180ml coconut milk

Pounded ingredients:
8 red chillies
8 bird eye chillies
10 shallots
6 pips garlic
5 candlenuts-(buah keras)
1 stalk lemongrass , sliced
1/2 " turmeric root
1 1/2  tsp belacan granules-(prawn paste)

1 tbsp  tamarind mixed with 3 tbsp water to extract juice.
1 tsp anchovies granules
1 tbsp sugar
salt to taste

How to make Spicy cockle sambal

1.Add 3 cups water in a pot and put in cockles. Let it boil  for 3 mins. Drain and dig out the flesh from the cockles.
2. Heat oil and saute the pounded ingredients till aroma. add the sliced onions.Add the cockle and coconut milk. Cook till almost  dry.
3. Serve with rice or noodle.
Question from the Chef

“How do you cook your cockles?”

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