sesame seeds deep fried glutinous balls Recipe

sesame seeds deep fried glutinous balls

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1 3/4 cups glutinous rice flour
3/4 cup hot water
1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp pandan green colouring

Fillings:-mix together
100gm grounded peanut
20gm sesame seeds
1/4 cup sugar

For coating :
sesame seeds

How to make sesame seeds deep fried glutinous balls

1, Mix the glutinous rice flour with hot water and olive oil, add the green colour. Knead to a soft non sticky dough,
2. Divide dough into smaller pieces. Add peanut  fillings and seal into a ball shape.
3. With a wet hand , damp up each balls and roll in sesame seeds until well coated.
4. Heat 2 cups oil and deep fry till golden over low heat.
Drain and serve hot.

Note: Beware that this balls will explore with deep frying. Just be  extra carefull. You can also add red bean paste  or lotus paste.

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