Sarawak craft layered cake Recipe

Sarawak craft layered cake

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25 egg yolks
4 egg white
200 gm caster sugar
180gm Hong Kong flour
1 tbsp ovalette

400 gm butter
4 tbsp condense milk
1 tsp vanilla
green and red colour
a pair of chopstick

How to make Sarawak craft layered cake

1. Whisk A till creamy. leave aside.
2. Whisk B till creamy and combine with A.
3. Divide 2 portions(a) add green (b) add red.
4. Prepared a cake tin of 8 1/2 " X  8 1/2 " square and   4 " deep. , lined with greased-proof paper. Put about 4 spoon of green batter in tin and spread evenly. Bake in preheated oven at 180 C for 3 mins. at the top heat (grill)
5. Take a chopstick and press down cake to mark a few drains. Pour the red batter over and level it. Bake again in same manner. Repeat the process with alternate colour until finish. Last layer bake further 5 mins on top and bottom heat.
6 Cool cake in tin before cutting
7, Keep cake seal in foil and in the fridge for longer period storage
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