Red bean Chinese pancake Recipe

Red bean Chinese pancake

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2 cups flour
1 tbsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp butter
3/4 cup water

200gm red bean-cooked to soften
150gm sugar
1 tbsp butter

sesame seeds

How to make Red bean Chinese pancake

1. For the dough, combine altogether to form a soft non sticky dough. Leave to rest for an hour.
2. Divide into 8 pieces, roll each piece into a thin round pancake. cut half through , brush with butter and roll up like a cone and using your thumb and first finger squeeze to flatten it .
3. Then roll again into round after 5 mins rest. Fill 4 of rounds with red bean paste and cover with the remain round and seal edge by nipping with your thumb and first finger.
4. Keep rest in the fridge cover with plastic until you ready to deep fry it. This can be made the night before and ready to fry next morning for breakfast.  Dub each pancake with a wet hand and stick some sesame seeds on it. Using moderate heat, deep fry each round till golden. serve while till warm.

For the filling,heat butter and pour finely blended red bean with sugar. stir will it become a thick paste. remain paste can store in fridge for other use later, like making steam pau, buns or puffs . All these recipes are here in my page.

Question from the Chef

“what do you think of flat bread (canai) filled with red bean paste?”

  • zoridream
    zoridream says

    Interesting! Have to try it in gluten-free version some day. Thanks for sharing.

  • Paula
    Paula says

    I'd love to try that one too, since I have can of red bean paste, which may finally come in handy. But could you recommend alternative technique such as baking or something? I avoid deep-fries. Thanks in advance.

  • marianne49
    marianne49 says

    Yes you can also bake them since it made from pastry!! but if you like steaming it , you will have to use yeast dough to steam. I have that in my recipe here too.

  • marianne49
    marianne49 says

    well, paula, another alternative is to pan fry with little butter like a pancake or without butter, just greased the pan once. Brown on both side.

  • Paula
    Paula says

    Thanks a lot.

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