Layered cream cheese cake Recipe

Layered cream cheese cake

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ingredient A:
20 egg yolks
6 egg white
175gm fine sugar
125gm Hong Kong flour-(like a cake flour)
1 tbsp ovelette-(yellow greasy look type)

Ingredients B:
400gm butter
4 tbsp condense milk
1 tbsp vanilla

ingredients C:

1 pktĀ  vanilla ice-cream powder
250gm cream cheese
1 tbsp lemon-tea oil.

How to make Layered cream cheese cake

1 . Cream ingredients A till thicken and light. Put aside.
2. Cream ingredients B till thicken . Put aside.
3. Mix ingredients C into mixture A and B until well blend.Divide into 2 portions, 1st and 2nd.
4. Add ice cream powder to 1st mixture. Divide again into 3 portions and colour them red, green and blue.
5. Add 2nd portion to lemon tea oil and cream cheese. Divide in 2 portions ( For top and bottom layers).
6. Prepare tin 8 1/2 "x 8 1/2"x 4" with grease-proof paper. Spoon about a scoop of cream cheese mixture into tin and spread evenly about 1/2 cm thick. Using the top heat of the oven , at 250 C , bake for 3 mins.
7. Spoon the next scoop on the cooked cake and level batter evenly . Repeat this layers 3 times.
8. Spoon the blue batter and repeat the same process 3 times before go on with the green one and then red colour.
9 After the red colour layer the cream cheese batter 3 times . This time bake for 5 mins on both heat at 180 Celcius.
10. leave to cool before cutting.To stall cake for longer life span, store in the fridge, wrap in foil.

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