Herbal chicken noodle soup Recipe

Herbal chicken noodle soup

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1 whole chicken- chopped into joints
6 slices ginger
2 dried chinese mushrooms- soaked and cut in half
1 handful of mee suah ( long life noodle)
2 pieces dang shen
1 handful of ginseng
20 pieces of chinese red dates
3 pieces bei qi
2 pieces fu shen
salt to taste

For garnish:
some spring onion-chopped
some bak choi- blanch

How to make Herbal chicken noodle soup

1. Pour about 12 cups water in a pot and all the herbals and mushrooms, let boil for 15 mins .
2, Add the chicken pieces. Simmer for 40 mins until chicken is tender. season with salt.
3. To serve, Boil mee suah in water till soft. Drain and put into a deep bowl. Pour herbal soup with a pieces of chicken and bak choi. Garnish with spring onion. Serve hot.


some of this herbs are sold in ready packed packet in supermarket.

Question from the Chef

“what do you think of eating healthy?”

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