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  • Sandysandals

    Making this today to serve with pork chops next week. Of course I have to change everything, and so I am adding one cut up peach to the apples. Peaches are in season and I love apples and peaches sooooo. Wish me luck.

    on apple chutney
  • chrisbarr

    I made this because it looked so good, and I think it's pretty great just on a plain old triscuit! I'm not sure what else to put it on though, I'm sure I'll find something.

    on apple chutney
  • skoch

    I am, but I just started, so I haven't found a favorite cookie recipe. I love yours though! Where I live, I can't get liquid chai mix. Can I substitute with strong tea or du you have another suggestion?

    on health nut cookies
  • GunnarM

    With some hard cheese - like parmesan - or with almost any kind of indian curry. Mix it with a thick, plain yoghurt and use it with bbq'ed meat or as a dipping sauce. Great!

    on apple chutney
  • D3V1N

    made this last night, mine didn't look as fancy but definitely tasted good

    on peanut butter fudge