Lomos al Trapo Recipe

Lomos al Trapo


The meat: - 1 large piece of tenderloin (0.5-1.0 kg) preferably argentinan or brazilian - +1 kg salt (ordinary white grain salt) - 1-2 dl of cognac - newspaper - aluminium foil

Serve with: - Salsa verde - Salsa picante - Guacamole - Arepas (if you can make those...)


How to make Lomos al Trapo

This isn't a recipie I can take credit for. I had this at a restaurant in Bogota, Colombia. So I wasn't the chef for this picture, I was too busy documenting the procedure with a Nikon D70 I had purloined from my sis.

This is a great dish to serve, since it comes with a lot of entertainment. Do not do this unless you have complete control of the fire. I would even reccommend a practice try of this dish accompanied with a fire extinguisher. And for you guys who already doing Crepe Suzettes - swing away!

You want to use an excellent piece of tenderloin since this dish is mainly about the quality of the meat you are serving. I'm lucky that brazil and sweden has a trade agreement, so we get freshly cut steaks vacuumsealed and flown directly to Stockholm. And it's even cheaper and better quality than the local swedish steaks!

1) Pat the meat dry

Make sure there's atleast 4 pages of newspaper. Put 1/3 of the salt on the newspaper, creating a bed of salt. You want almost a 1cm thick bed. Place the meat on the salt, and start working the rest of the salt onto the meat, totally covering it. Wrap it up in the newspaper. Wrap the aluminium foil around the whole thing. And you're done!

2) Put the wrap on your hot grill (I usually start the fire before, so you have an even bed of hot coal). Put the lid on and let it grill for 20-30 minutes, time totally depends on how thick the meat is. Turn the wrap on to the other side after 10 minutes. The cooking time also varies depending on how red the meat is that you want to serve...

3) Put the wrap on a large plate, cut it open and crack away the salt. The salt have now absorbed some of the juices from the meat and solidified, making a hard shell around the meat (and speed marinated it). Use the knife to scrape away the salt and transfer it on a metal / fireproof ceramic plate. Also with the knife, gently stab the meat to make entrances for the cognac. Pour the cognac on top of the meat, roll it around in the cognac with a large fork.

4) Now for the coup de grace. Flame it!

Use a large spoon to pour back the cognac on the meat until the flame dies away. What you are doing is sealing the flavour of the meat juices, the salt and the cognac into the steak.

5) Cut and serve to your astonished friends. They should be applauding now. If not, Politely remind them that you're holding a sharp knife and have been drinking cognac the whole afternoon (just kidding!).

If you don't have a coal grill, garden or a pair of fireproof hands, you can do this in your oven. Make sure you have a hot oven before you put in the steak (230-240°C), or your going to end up with a soggy mess.

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