Classic Filipino Turon Recipe

Classic Filipino Turon


  • bananas
  • spring roll wrap
  • brown sugar
  • white sugar
  • vegetable oil
  • water

How to make Classic Filipino Turon

I was itching for something sweet at the time and I had some bananas and spring roll wrap available... :-) So simple but so tasty!

  1. Quarter long bananas, by cutting them in half, then cut them lengthwise.
  2. Dip them in water.
  3. Mix a little golden brown sugar and white sugar together and sprinkle over top wet bananas.
  4. Wrap in spring roll wrapping.
  5. (Optional) Tap some water on spring roll and sprinkle sugar mixture over top. This will create less "clean" but sugary tops.
  6. Deep fry until golden and transfer to paper towel on a plate to absorb oil.
  • mskatiekat
    mskatiekat says


  • yongfook
    yongfook says

    ooh this looks YUMMY

  • Sinbad
    Sinbad says

    My aunt used to make something like these. Love 'em.

  • Herbs
    Herbs says

    I just want to grab it from the screen at eat it right now it looks so good.

  • iconsam
    iconsam says

    Oh mai GAD. This is purfect! Thanks for the recipe!

  • tonll
    tonll says

    reminds me of goreng pisang. looking good though. spring roll wrapping. who would have thought of that! oh wait. thats like crepes then. =)

  • mrawrmoo
    mrawrmoo says

    mMMmmm BANANA LUMPIA!!!! yay. One thing I found works well with Banana lumpia is jack fruit its sweet taste compliments the whole dish. Another fruit is Guava but the jack fruit works better

  • alexdpersinger
    alexdpersinger says

    Making Turon wraps from scratch, my girls love em!

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