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  • LittleMisfit

    Wow, I've seen college dorm food better than this.

    on Horrificly Horrible Hot Dogs
  • samosamo

    This is one of my shameful dishes: Hot Sauce Noodles ================= Boil Noodles until tender then move to pan. On medium heat saute noodles until they start becoming crispy. Plop in 3 or 4 Tablespoons of butter, and a healthy amount of weak hot sauce, mix together and continue to saute. Beat a couple of eggs and pour into mixture, cover and let eggs fry, stir every now and then to avoid hard egg buildup on bottom. Head to gym.

    on Horrificly Horrible Hot Dogs
  • mickeykitterman

    You make me laugh-very funny.

    on Horrificly Horrible Hot Dogs