Hot Cocoa Recipe

Hot Cocoa


-1 Domestic Espresso Machine

-1 Pre-Heated Mug

-2 or 3 spoons of Cocoa Powder

-1 medium jug of Full Cream Milk

How to make Hot Cocoa

*Turn on the espresso machine & put the mug on top of the machine to pre-heat the mug.

*Once heated, pour approximately 1/4 of the mug with hot water & stir.

*Switch the machine to steam mode & steam the milk to create micro bubbles (or you can call it froth, yes that's right like the cappuccino)

*Steam the milk until 70-75C degree, more than that I can assure you that you'll burn the milk.

*Lastly, pour the milk to the cup & enjoy! (if you can do latte art, it's time to show those skills to your partner babyy...)

*FYI, hot steamy chocolate drink could improve your sex drive and who knows you might get some lovin after... hahahaha

  • yongfook
    yongfook says

    any latte art tips?

  • kwetiaw
    kwetiaw says

    After purging the steam wand unti you get nice dry steam. Start under the surface of the milk so not ot blow it everywhere when you first start. Wand to one side of the jug so to get it swirling. Lower the jug so the steam want is sucking air into the milk. Too low it will have a high pitched sreech too high you will be making big bubbles. You want a bit of a suckign sound to be happening as the air gets sucked into the milk. All the time the milk should be whirpooling from the steam pressure. Do this until it starts to get warm (I think I read somewhere 40 degrees) than raise the jug a little so the tip is under the surface but milk is still whirpooling until you get to the magic 60 degree mark. If you have some big bubbles tap the jug on the bench to get rid of them. Then swirl the jug around almost folding the milk over itself and it will get a sheen to it which is what you want. Than pour away. When I pour I start with the cup tilted slightly and pour into the prepared espresso ...

  • kwetiaw
    kwetiaw says

    Visit this link for the video

  • Mauro
    Mauro says

    Buenisimo!!! Lo voy a implementar.

  • BenNg
    BenNg says

    Try using fresh milk instead of full cream milk (Farmhouse is one of the best brands) because fresh milk usually has the right proportion of fat and protein content and must be at 5 degree celcius before steaming. This will give you a smooth hot milk foam with micro bubbles. Cheers!

  • tommybeek
    tommybeek says

    Nice description and photo! Starting with cold milk produces denser foam. Steamed milk carries flavors more intensely than pot or microwave heated milk.

  • ZenCupcake
    ZenCupcake says

    Great presentation

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