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  • Ashton

    Grams are a measure of mass (weight), not volume, so grams can't be converted to cups unless you also know the ingredient. For Americans, 250g is about 9oz (or 0.55lbs). Delicious cake, btw. I'm making it for a birthday too... my own :D

    on Chocolate Cake
  • Pokiholic

    aaaaah! This was delicious. :D And I love how you decorate it with icing sugar and stencils. Simply genius idea~

    on Chocolate Cake
  • Kimmy

    where do you get bambi stencils from? They are adorable

    on Chocolate Cake
  • Judy

    aw... so small and cute.. I love strawberries, don't they just SMELL amazing too!?

    on Strawberry Milkshake - easy!
  • tommy

    I'm over-indulging on strawberries at the moment too.

    on Strawberry Milkshake - easy!