Haddock Omelette Recipe Recipe

Haddock Omelette Recipe


  • 4 oz./100gm. smoked haddock
  • Filling: few cooked peas
  • Little butter
  • Omelette: 3 – 4 eggs
  • Sesasoning
  • 1 tablespoon water
  • 25g./1 oz. butter
  • Garnish: spring of parsley

How to make Haddock Omelette Recipe

Poach the haddock in a little water or milk until tender.

Strain, flake and heat with the peas and the butter while making the omelette.

Beat the eggs lightly. For this type of plain omelette the eggs should not be over-beaten. Season, add the water.
Heat the butter in the omelette pan.

Pour in the eggs and leave for a few seconds until the bottom of the egg sets lightly. Tip the pan and loosen the edges of the omelette so the liquid egg flows under all the time. Continue like this, ‘working’ the omelette away from the handle, tip on to a hot plate or dish, and add the garnish.

Put in the filling. Fold the omelette away from the handle, tip on to a hot plate or dish, and add the garnish.

  • Many fillings may be used instead, for instance, other fish, grated cheese, cooked vegetables.
  • Cooking Time: Few minutes plus time for cooking haddock.
  • Preparation time: few minutes
  • Main utensils: saucepan, omelette pan
  • Serves: 2 persons
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