katsudon (tonkatsu rice bowl) Recipe

katsudon (tonkatsu rice bowl)


  • kikkoman
  • mirin
  • brown sugar
  • h20
  • chicken stock/dashi
  • green onions
  • white onions
  • pork cutlets
  • flour
  • eggs
  • panko (japanese bread crumbs)

How to make katsudon (tonkatsu rice bowl)

To make my Donburi Sauce:
 I bring a mixture of:
brown sugar

and H20 or chicken stock (in lieu of Dashi or japanese soup stock)
to a simmer.
***Adjust saltiness/sweetness by adding a few more soy sauce/sugar/stock***
Then, I add sliced white onions and green onions and let it simmer for a few minutes.
In the last few minutes, I add sliced green onions to the simmering sauce and let it simmer a wee bit further. Super easy, i swear.

To prepare the Katsudon:
I first dredge my pork cutlets/chops in flour,
dip in beaten eggs
and finally dredge in panko/japanese bread crumbs.
Then I deep-fry until golden.
Once cooked, I place the tonkatsu in the simmering savory sweet sauce and pour some beaten eggs on top and let simmer for a few mins until the egg is just set.
Sprinkle a few more scallions or green onions on top and serve with steamed rice.
(Optional: Serve with raw egg)
  • ryerye
    ryerye says

    So easy to make, yet so good. Just like at the restaurant. Thanks for the recipe!

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