port meatball with tomato sauce Recipe

port meatball with tomato sauce


~ minced pork ~ shrimp ~ carrot ~ potato ~ tomato ~ onions ~ fresh baby button mushroom ~ tomato ketchup ~ sugar ~ salt & pepper ~ soy sauce ~ sesame oil ~ corn flour

How to make port meatball with tomato sauce

~ fine chopped the shrimp into minced paste, add on chopped carrot and minced pork ~ add on sesame oil, bit sugar, bit soy sauce, corn flour and salt & pepper to taste ~ potato, tomato cut cubes, mushroom cut slice and onion cut into fine chopped. ~ heat the oil on pan, fried the potato till golden brown till cook set aside, sautéed the mushroom till cook set aside. ~ heat the oil on pan, deep fried the minced meat ball into golden brown colour, set aside ~ heat up the oil, sweat the chopped onion, add on tomato, mushroom & potato. Pour tomato ketchup, add bit soy sauce, sprinkle some sugar and add up bit of water, bring the sauce to boil. Pour all on top of the meat balls

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