tomato spinach pasta Recipe

tomato spinach pasta


wheat pasta


diced tomato from can

olive oil

LOTS of garlic (I used about... 4 or 5 cloves..)



How to make tomato spinach pasta

i only made this because my bf likes alfredo and i dont... i took the ingredients i made for him before adding the sauce and made mine separate. from all the pastas i made so far, i liked this one the best.

1... cook pasta

2... heat olive oil, add garlic then spinach.

3... when the spinach is soft add drained pasta, add tomato

4... i like to sprinkle crushed croutons... i love croutons

  • telliecoin
    telliecoin says

    LOVE LOVE lots of garlic in my pasta too! :D thumbs up!

  • melody5390
    melody5390 says

    looks so healthy ill try to make one for myself

  • abhifx
    abhifx says

    looks like its a garlic heavenly pasta, mmmm.... just the way i like it

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