flat rice noodle attempt Recipe

flat rice noodle attempt




rice noodle

bean sprouts

4 eggs

soy sauce

green onion

How to make flat rice noodle attempt

I've never cooked rice noodle... so I had no idea what to buy... what to do... do I cook it first?! what?

I bought the uncut kind and cut it myself. Maybe it would be better with the precut ones? I'm not sure.

1... heat oil, cook garlic. cook chicken

2... add noodle with bean sprout

3... add eggs and scramble
      (maybe i was suppose to make the egg first??)

4... add green onions

I thought I messed up but it tasted A LOT better than it looked... haha. I just need to practice making it look better.

  • muttoneer
    muttoneer says

    I tried to make some flat rice noodles recently. Mine also turned out kind of messy looking and broken up but still tasted pretty good. I wonder how to make it prettier.

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