easy no fry yummy chicken strips Recipe

easy no fry yummy chicken strips


chicken breast strips



olive oil

How to make easy no fry yummy chicken strips

1... pound the chicken flat to about 1/4"

2... cover in a mixture of flour and pepper

3... heat thin layer or oil and add chicken till browned


  • saber667
    saber667 says

    How is this "no fry" if you are cooking them in oil?

  • japzkyootipie
    japzkyootipie says

    well just because you use oil, doesnt mean your frying right? i guess i should call it, non DEEP frying chicken.

  • Carol0813
    Carol0813 says

    I believe this is sauteed rather than fried. It's a simple recipe that sounds quite good. BTW, the term is "voila", a French term for "a HA"!

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