cabbage soup (diet) Recipe

cabbage soup (diet)


whole cabbage cut in squares
2 carrots thinly cut (i cut them in half then sliced thin)
1 green pepper
2 green onions
1 zucchini
2 sweet onions
can of diced tomato
2 cloves garlic sliced
ground pepper

i added japanese YAMASA tsuyu
and some soy sauce. i really added a tiny bit

enough water to almost cover the veggies.  i added a little over 1 liter... aka the big kirkland bottled water

*optional ginger (sliced and smooshed)
if you like ginger... i'd recommend putting it in. if you like it alot then put alot, but even a small amount would be good. i added about an inch of ginger because i love it.

How to make cabbage soup (diet)

this is really easy and since i've been told by a few that i needed to lose weight... i'm trying this for as long as i can. (i'm betting 3 days haha.)

this time it came out pretty good. its very good for you, but if you're a meat lover... sorry. :)

1. cut all the veggies while the water boils (you can add more water later if you feel its not enough.)

2. when the water is nice and hot, add all the veggies and the sauce

3. simmer till veggies are soft and thats it.

i make it in a big pot and just leave it in the fridge... pour me a bowl for lunch and/or dinner, microwave... thats it. i was told you can eat as much as you want and i think its perfect for now... with all the cold weather and all.  :)

  • danuyemura
    danuyemura says

    I make a version similar to this when I'm sick. I got the recipe from a dietician at a hospital who gives it to people who need to lose weight / cut cholesterol / etc. It's GREAT - filling - and is low in calories, so it'll work for weight loss. I add in a package of Liptons Onion Dip powder which I'm sure isn't as good for you as this recipe is... =)

  • japzkyootipie
    japzkyootipie says

    i bet its really good for you when your sick... add some chicken and noodles mmm!!! sounds yummy... yeah the lipton thing is optional but it would defeat the purpose of a diet soup huh? hahaha.. sounds good tho : (

  • symonds
    symonds says

    There are many variations of the cabbage soup diet, but the best recipe depends on why you are doing the diet. The best cabbage soup diet

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