Dikili Cake Recipe

Dikili Cake


4 eggs

2 glasses of sugar

2 glasses of flour

½ glass of warm milk

1/2 tablespoon of cacao

1/2 package baking powder

½ tablespoon of butter

How to make Dikili Cake

Mix the eggs and sugar in a big bowl. Add warm milk and flour,cacao and baking powder in it. Spread the butter on to a tray. pour the mixture on the buttered tray. Cook it in the 185 C preaheated oven until the cake turns red. Bon appetite:)

  • afharms
    afharms says

    Some of the numbers in this seem really odd... how much is in a glass/package of baking powder... 1/2 tablespoon butter doesn't seem like much... 367 C is nearly 700 F, that's pretty much the cleaning cycle on most ovens... the cake looks delicious, though!

  • isilerol
    isilerol says

    Sorry for the wrong reciepe, i corrected it:) 1/2 package baking powder : is 5 gr.

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