Porkosaurus Feast Recipe

Porkosaurus Feast


In honor of Congress passing the “stimulus” bill, we cooked up a fitting meal. The theme of the night was obviously pork, and i think Obama would agree, the more pork the better.

The Bacon Explosion from the guys over at BBQ Addicts, combined with a slab of baby back ribs.

What you need-
A Smoker ideally, a grill using indirect heat could work as well.

  • 2 Pounds of Bacon. I got mine from a local butcher, applewood smoked. Regular grocery store bacon will work fine. You don’t need a thick bacon, but the longer the better.

  • 2 Pounds of Italian Sausage - ground, no casings. You do not want a breakfast sausage, a mild sausage should do fine. Got mine from a butcher, should be able to find it in stores though.

  • Dry rub, I used my homemade pork rub, but something from the store or an internet recipe should work great.

  • Bottle of BBQ sauce. Flavor and brand really depend on your own taste. I went with a brown sugar based one.
  • And a slab of baby back ribs. Unseasoned.

How to make Porkosaurus Feast


For the first half, the Bacon Explosion.  Follow the recipe made by BBQ Addicts. 

For the ribs,
remove the membrane on the back.  Use your favorite dry rub and let sit for an hour or so.   Smoke at 225F for 3-4 hours, depending on speed.  They should be done at about the same time as the bacon explosion.  Then add BBQ sauce when you take them out.

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