Fish Burger with Home made Tartare Sauce Recipe

Fish Burger with Home made Tartare Sauce


  • mayo 200 gm
  • gherkins 50 gm
  • lemon juice 2 tbl
  • spanish onion half diced thinly
  • capers 8 capers from jar
  • spring onion 1 sprig
  • salt pepper

  • Frozen fish fillets from supermarket

  • Soft bun from local deli
  • Mixed leaf salad
  • lemon juice
  • Salt Pepper

How to make Fish Burger with Home made Tartare Sauce

  1. The main ingredient here is the sauce, basically combine everything together and mix ... it's that easy.
  2. Microwave the fish fillet for 40 seconds so it's not too frozen, then fry it in sunflower oil for a few minutes until golden brown
  3. Serve with salad ... this is a great quick meal with re-usable sauce.
  • glittaz
    glittaz says

    ohhhh i should try this! you know how i love fish... was this your lunch? if it was, i'm jealous. it looks tastier than your mi-goreng

  • howie
    howie says

    it was lunch on the weekend!

  • rachel
    rachel says

    ooh this looks really yummy. and thanks for the tartare sauce recipe! i've always wondered what exactly goes into it.

  • Judy
    Judy says

    beautiful picture... and looks incredibly tasty... yum!

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