Bubble Tea honeydew Recipe

Bubble Tea honeydew


  • fresh honeydew melon
  • milk or soy milk
  • Boba, large tapioca pearls
  • ice
  • sugar, honey, or agave nectar

How to make Bubble Tea honeydew

Cut honeydew melon into small cubes and puree in blender with milk and ice. Pour on top of soft sweetened boba. 
Not sure about cooking boba I have the five minute boba. So okay, bring water to a boil and add boba then cook for 5 minutes. After that, for softer boba, turn off heat, cover 5 minute cooked boba, and sit for an additional 7 minutes. Pour boba into a strainer, like pasta,and run under cold water. Finally, toss boba in sugar, honey, or agave nectar. 
There's so many variations! The limits are endless!! Have fun! 
Question from the Chef

“What's your favorite bubble tea?”

  • OneLDesigner
    OneLDesigner says

    jackfruit. yum

  • muttoneer
    muttoneer says

    I love straight milk tea... But the best I've ever had was this simple tea called "azamu," it was slightly sweet and kind of graham flavored (that's as close as I can describe it) but the place where I got it closed. Anyone ever heard of Azamu/know where it can be got?

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