Tuna Tataki Salad Recipe

Tuna Tataki Salad


1 Cup Sashimi Tuna
2 Cups Ceviche
3 Persian Cucumbers, diagonally cut
Fried onion
Soy sauce
Lemon Juice
Salt and Pepper

How to make Tuna Tataki Salad

  • In serving plate arrange diagonally cut cucumbers
  • Arrange ceviche on top
  • Add cut tuna sashimi
  • Sprinkle with fried onion and parsely (not pictured)
  • Add lemon juice and soy sauce
  • Add sea salt and pepper
Serves 2-4.
  • chanok
    chanok says

    this is amazing... what is ceviche?

  • honeynbutters
    honeynbutters says

    Thanks. Ceviche is a Spanish citrus seafood dish. The one used in this recipe is a simple white fish ceviche. I have the reciped for Shrimp Calamari Ceviche here (http://www.nibbledish.com/people/honeynbutters/recipes/shrimp-calamari-ceviche). You can substitute shrimp for any fish, preferably white fish, halibut, sea bass, or red snapper.

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