the Ecological turkey Recipe

the Ecological turkey


  1. 1 avocado
  2. salt + pepper
  3. 1 small onion
  4. handful of rocket salad
  5. 6 cereal toast
  6. 3 turkey breasts (chicken works too)
  7. lemon juice
  8. 3 slice of cheese (the one you like)

How to make the Ecological turkey

Alright, the trick here is to have a reaaaaaally sharp knife. This recipe is a variant of the "balanced sandwich" from French Chef Cyril Lignac. The idea is the same, which is to make a healthy sandwich by switching ham with turkey (or chicken) and mayonaise with avocado.
I called my version "Ecological turkey" because there's a lot of green for a sandwich ^_^
  • Start with the toasts. I use cereal toast because it's healthier than plain white and it tastes better. Put them in the toaster.
  • Gut the avocado, smash it with a fork and mix it with chopped onions, salt, pepper and bit of lime juice. Let it rest in the fridge.
  • Prepare the turkey. Throw some salt and pepper and get your hands dirty. Give some love to the turkey by massaging it ^^
  • When the salt and pepper is all around, put some olive oil in the pan (low heat) and throw the 3 pieces of turkey.
  • The breasts will turn white quickly. Higher the heat and start to flipp them over every so and so for about 3-4 min. (hint - the meat should be white / golden brown when ready). Turn the heat off when ready and let the turkey cook by itself with the remaining heat on the pan and cover it so that it doesnt dry off.
  • Take your avocado mixture out of the fridge
  • Take 3 toasted bread and start placing the rocket salad on it. A trick here so that it doesnt fall all over, is to mainly build a small amount in the middle.
  • With a big spoon (for soup), take two big chunks for your avocado mixture and put it on top of the salad. Gently crush it with the back of the spoon. The avocado will catch and hold the salad together.
  • Add a slice of cheese (i use emmental cheese but any soft cheese would do)
  • Let it rest and go back to your turkey. With your extra - supra - sharp ninja knife, slice laterally the breasts into 2 parts each (at the same time, check that the inside is white and not pink!). You now should have 6 pieces. If you mess up the cutting, dont worry, just place it together on the cheese.
  • Place each half breast diagonally on the prepared toast.
  • Place the remaining toasts on top to cover it and start to cut the sandwiches in half so that you have triangular shapes.
That's it, ready to eat! This goes extremly well with paprika chips but obviously, due to the avocado, you can use nachos!
Also, bare in mind that this is for 3 people, or 2 hungry ones. 

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