Carbonara perfetto Recipe

Carbonara perfetto


  1. pasta (tagliatelle or spaghettis)
  2. bacon
  3. 1 egg
  4. salt
  5. rocket salad
  6. parmesan cheese

How to make Carbonara perfetto

Here's the thing. We've often eaten Spaghettis alla Carbonara (cream, egg, bacon or ham) but did you know that the REAL way to make carbonara in Italy is actually WITHOUT cream?
The caloric benefit is obvious and if absolutely cannot have your Carbonara without cream? you can always pour the non fat version but still, you should once in your life try a real Italian Carbonara :)
First, cook your spaghettis the way you usually do, al dente, with bit of salt. While it's cooking, break an egg and batter it to have a smooth yellow liquid. 
When the spaghettis are done, empty the water and put them aside. Take a pan and start cooking the bacon cut in little pieces. You COULD use ham but then you might need to add salt. The reason bacon works so much better is because it replaces salt (and god know how much salt we already eat daily...)
While the bacon is cooking, pour the egg in the spaghettis and add some parmesan cheese. Mix everything.
When the bacon is ready, get rid of the excess oil and place place them on the spaghettis. When everything is mixed, have the entire thing on a plate and add some rocket salad for the colour and the vegetable.
Important: because the egg is put raw in the spaghetti, it is more than important to have it very fresh! It does cook with the heat of the spaghettis but still.
Have yourself a glass of red wine and enjoy ^_^
  • tomvanlamoen
    tomvanlamoen says

    Indeed Carbonara is so much better without the cream. The trick is in using really good cheese!

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