Pistachio Nut Cake Recipe

Pistachio Nut Cake


- about 1/2 cup of clean pistachio nuts;

- about 1/2 cup of clean almonds or hazelnuts;

- 4 eggs;

- 100g sugar;

- 150g melted butter;

- 1 cup of milk;

- 50g icing sugar;

- 2 cups of all-purpose flour;

- 1 spoonful of baking powder

How to make Pistachio Nut Cake

Clean the pistachio nuts removing their hardest "shell"

Dives the nuts, for a few seconds, in boiling water to remove that reddish skin, which is around them.


Repeat the same procedure with the almonds or hazelnuts.

Then grind them with a grinder or food processor, reducing the nuts in a kind of wet flour. Reserve it.

In a bowl, mix the eggs with sugar and icing
sugar, until getting a whitish mixture.

After that, add to the mixture the melted butter,
pistachio/almonds or hazelnuts wet flour, and milk, mixing them very well.

Finally, add to the mixture all-purpose flour and
baking powder.

Then put the mixture in a baking-pan and bake it for about 25-30 minutes at 180 degrees or until
pushing a toothpick into the cake and it comes out clean it's cooked.

Perfect to breakfast and brunch!!!

  • pyquila
    pyquila says

    psychedelic cake! Looks really nice =)

  • yongfook
    yongfook says

    ooh I thought this was pandan cake - but pistachio!? sounds wonderful.

  • dubow
    dubow says

    ooo yum! sounds interesting. must try!

  • telliecoin
    telliecoin says

    lol i also got fooled into thinking this was a pandan cake! but this looks yummy :) my dad loves pistachio

  • KamanKaman
    KamanKaman says


  • worldpeas
    worldpeas says


  • worldpeas
    worldpeas says


  • zoridream
    zoridream says

    It was so long I wanted to bake this in a gluten free version and finely I did today. I used the commercial gf cake flour and I actually had to add one more cup of flour with the 4 eggs, the next time I should use only 2 eggs for the gf version. The result was not so green in color as yours, but it was delicious anyway! Thanks for the recipe!:)

  • b97369
    b97369 says

    I made this one last week, reduce one egg. It turned out beautifully and very delicious. The color wasn't this green though. Thank you very much.

  • asianstylist
    asianstylist says

    looks fantastic!

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