Bastardized Kimchi Burger Recipe

Bastardized Kimchi Burger

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  • Ground Beef - 5 lbs
  • Premium Sake - 1 Tb Spoon
  • Mirin - 2 Tb Spoons
  • Garlic Jalapeno - 3 Tea Spoons (Chopped) or equiv 3 cloves
  • Soy Sauce - 1/2 Cup
  • Sugar - 1/3 Cup
  • Scallions (Green Onions) - 5 (Chopped)
  • Pure Sesame Oil - 2 Tb Spoons
  • Sesame Seeds - 2.5 Tb Spoons
  • Water Chestnuts - 1 Cup *8oz *1 Can (Chopped)
  • Bacon - 24 Strips
  • Toothpicks - 24
  • Kimchi - Lots of it :)

How to make Bastardized Kimchi Burger

Inspired by Jenifer D's recipe

Ingredient list above makes approximately 24 burger patties. Simply adjust ingredients in proportion to adjust serving amounts.

Suggestions for serving: Instead of regular hamburger buns purchase sesame pancake buns from a Chinese bakery. Instead of actual pickles use Asian pickled carrots, radishes etc. Cook up any leftover bulgogi sauce and use it instead of BBQ sauce. Instead of lettuce use a handful of bean sprouts. Serve along with some Cass Lager or Soju.

  1. To start off soak toothpicks in bowl of water so they do not catch fire/burn later when cooking.

  2. To start making the bulgogi sauce chop up the scallions (green onions)

  3. Fill up a large bowl with warm water
  4. Place smaller bowl within larger bowl with warm water (it will help the sugar dissolve)
  5. Mix soy sauce, sesame oil, sake and mirin together
  6. Slowly add in sugar and ensure it dissolves
  7. Stir in sesame seeds, garlic jalapeno, and chopped scallions. The sauce is complete and you can put it aside for now.
  8. Moving on to the burger patties, drain as much liquid from water chestnuts as possible and chop them up ensuring they are small enough to easily mix with the ground beef
  9. Chop up kimchi again ensuring they are in pieces small enough to mix easily with the beef
  10. Place all the ground beef into a large container
  11. Mix meat slowly whilst layering with bulgogi sauce, kimchi, and water chestnuts. Try to mix it in as evenly as possible.
  12. After you’re done mixing, grab a handful of meat and roll it into a ball on your palm. Press your other palm down with even pressure to create a nice flat and circular patty. Grab a piece of bacon and wrap it around the edges of the meat. Some pieces will stay by themselves but you can secure them with the toothpicks soaking in the water. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards as kimchi and garlic jalapeno is quite spicy.

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