halwa (gramdall indian style) Recipe

halwa (gramdall indian style)


gram dhall 100 grams
sugar 100 grams
ghee 5 table spoons
cardomon powder to taste
kaser powder 1/2 tbl spoon
cashew nut 5 cut peices

How to make halwa (gramdall indian style)

soak gram dhall for 1 hour
after that grind the gram dhall to fine paste
take a frying pan and heat it with2 tbl spoon ghee put gram dhall paste. boil well after that mix with sugar and add 2 tbl  spoon ghee stir well.
finally add fried cashew nut .cardomon powder . kesar powder and serve it hot.
top it with dry grapes and ur lovely dessert is ready.

  • Meltara
    Meltara says

    I was introduced to halwa by a friend from India and I LOVE it. I wish I could eat this now! Thanks for the recipe.

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