Italian Easter Cake "Pastiera Napoletana" Recipe

Italian Easter Cake


180 gr butter at room temperature,200 gr flour double 00, 70 gr powdered sugar, 50 gr white almond reduced powder,50 gr eggs, a pinch of salt, 1/2 gr netural vanilla powder

How to make Italian Easter Cake "Pastiera Napoletana"

For Pasta Frolla
Put together tender butter, sugar, salt melted in a water spoon, almond and the eggs. combine everything and then add flour and vanilla just a little bit. Put in your fridge for 10-12 hours.

For the dough inside: put ricotta togheter with powderd sugar and eggs and just a littel bit of essences, praparted corn, and candied orange

Finally, lay your Pasta Frolla and put in muffin molde (the big one). Then put the dough inside and over with a little bit of pasta frolla. Stendete quindi la pasta frolla e mettetela nelle formine (ne verranno almeno 6). Put in oven for 20 minuts at 180°. Dish out with powrded sugar.

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