Pan-fried Calves Liver with Champ & Gravy Recipe

Pan-fried Calves Liver with Champ & Gravy


Serves 4

  • 500g calves' liver
  • Plain flour, for coating, plus about a dessert spoonful for the gravy
  • 4 rashers smoked streaky bacon, finely sliced
  • 1 onion, halved and very finely sliced
  • 4 spring onions, finely chopped
  • 500ml beef stock
  • 500ml whole milk
  • a knob of butter
  • 6 large desiree potatoes, peeled and chopped into small pieces

How to make Pan-fried Calves Liver with Champ & Gravy

Champ is a traditional Irish way of serving potatoes, mashed with milk and spring onions - and it's delicious.

  1. For the gravy, fry the onions and bacon together until the bacon starts to brown and the onions are soft.
  2. Add the dessert spoon of flour and stir well.
  3. Add the stock, stirring well again and cook for about 20 minutes until reduced by half.
  4. For the champ, boil the potatoes until soft - in a separate pan, heat the milk and spring onions together until the spring onions are soft, keeping the milk at a simmer.
  5. Drain the potatoes and add the milk, spring onions and butter.  Mash until soft and creamy.
  6. For the liver, coat lightly in seasoned flour.  Heat some cooking oil in a frying pan and fry on a high heat for about 2 minutes per side, until just cooked through.

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