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  • Melchieng

    Thanks so much for this! my mum love Kaya, the one you buy here in the asia mart is totally different!

    on Kaya Spread
  • fishandkat

    Ooooohh..selai kaya!! I really miss it! When I have the time to go to the Asian store to buy some pandan leaves I'll definitely try this. Thank you for the recipe!

    on Kaya Spread
  • farithrezza

    Shoggoth, i think u can get pandan essence in grocery store, but pandan leaf works best ;) Zillah,u should try make this and share some with ur neighbours, i'm sure they'll like it

    on Kaya Spread
  • Zillah

    Wow I miss Kaya ... used to eat it when I was in Singapore a lot. Have to give this a try if I can find Pandan here in North Carolina (lol) *sighs*

    on Kaya Spread
  • ShoggothDreams

    This looks great AND easy... if I knew where to get Pandan leaf... worst case scenario, are there any substitutes?

    on Kaya Spread

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