Totellini with Salmon and Asparagus Recipe

Totellini with Salmon and Asparagus


-tortellini (frozen or refrigerated)

-asparagus (cut into inch-long pieces)

-salmon (chunked)

-lemon zest


-heavy cream


How to make Totellini with Salmon and Asparagus

This is based on the Fettuccine with Salmon and Asparagus recipe from Joy of Cooking. In that recipe, spinach fettuccine is recommended; here, spinach or mixed variety tortellini would also be very good (and pretty!) Boil water as for pasta (I salt it just as it comes to a boil). Add the asparagus, and simmer for a couple minutes. remove asparagus, adding it to a saucepan with butter, tossing the two together. Take this off heat before the butter begins to misbehave. Add tortellini to the boiling water, and cook until they float on the surface of the water, then drain and add the pasta to the asparagus, putting it back on heat. Pour Heavy cream over with lemon zest and chives, mixing. Add the salmon.

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    telliecoin says

    whoa that salmon looks nuclear powered from radiation!!!! :D but i really like pink

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