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    thank you very much, Flippymar!

    on Batido de tofu con frutas frescas
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    With the mixer, it grinds the tofu together with a few spoonfuls of sugar and vanilla to the taste, a little of juice of lemon and of orange, and a teaspoonful of grating of rind of these citrus fruits. He insists until you should have a very soft cream left and without lumps, as a yoghurt. He peels and trocea the fruit in plates and small buckets. In a glass, he places a fund of fruits, above a few spoonfuls of the tofu avainillado, and finishes off with a good layer of fresh fruits again. A ratito puts in the icebox, so that it is more refreshing, and in the moment to serve it decorates with a few hojitas of mint or a few dry ground fruits. Variant: You can replace the batter of tofu for yogures of soya of flavors (native, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry …) and you will have a completely different dessert every time. Translated...It looks good. I've never tried creamy tofu but it doesn't sound to difficult to try. Thanks for the recipe!

    on Batido de tofu con frutas frescas
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    la fotografia es impresionante... te felicito!

    on Batido de tofu con frutas frescas
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    Yes please these look delicious!

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