Pineapple Curry Pork Rib Recipe

Pineapple Curry Pork Rib


5 shallots (cut to slices) - A

4 cloves of garlic (cut to slices) - A

1 inch of lemon grass (cut to slices) - A

8 pieces of dried chilli (seeds removed) - A

1 tablespoon of pomfret fish sauce - for marinate

2 tablespoon of hoi sin sauce - for marinate

1 tablespoon of maggi seasoning sauce - for marinate

1 tablespoon of curry powder - for marinate

2 tablespoon of corn flour - for marinate

1 teaspoon of salt - for marinate

1/8 teaspoon of pepper - for marinate

250g of pork rib (wash cleanly)

1.5 cups of water.

12 cubes of pineapple (can type) with 2 tablespoon of the sweet brine

10 pieces of curry leaves (wash clean and dry)

2 tablespoon of peanut oil

1 cup of chopped corriander

How to make Pineapple Curry Pork Rib

Blend all the A ingredients and pour in to a mixing bowl.

Add in all the marinate ingredients to it.

Add in the pork rib and mix evenly till all pork is covered with the marinate. Marinate for at least 4 hrs (I have mine for 6).

Heat the oil and saute the curry leaves till fragant.

Stir in the pork with all the marinate ingredients.

Stir fry to seal the juice pork and add in water after few mins.

Leave it to cook at low fire for about 35mins.

Pour in the pineapple and the sweet brine and stir. Cook for another 10mins.

Add in the parsley and off the fire. Stir the parsley evenly. Dish and served.

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