Marmite Beef Recipe

Marmite Beef


300g of sliced beef

2 tablespoon of flour

3 tablespoon of oil for fying

2 tablespoon of marmite - A

1.5 teaspoon of oyster sauce - A

1 teaspoon of maggi seasoning sauce - A

1 pinch of pepper to taste - A

1 tablespoon of toasted sesame seed

1 tablespoon of chopped scallion

1 tablespoon of crispy shallot + garlic

How to make Marmite Beef

Mix all ingredient A in a bowl.

Sprinkle the beef with flour.

Fry the beef slice by slice. Each side for max 10sec to avoid over cooking.

Place all the cooked beef on the A mixture and mix well so that all beef is covered the sauce.

Sprinkle the toasted sesame and scallion all over. Garnish with shallot + garlic.

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