Soupy Noodle / 湯麵 Recipe

Soupy Noodle / 湯麵



  • Chinese noodles

  • Minced pork

  • Spring onion

  • Chinese greens

  • Rice vinegar

  • Good soya sauce

  • Cooking oil

Optional extras

  • Chinese mushrooms

  • Various types of greens

  • Anything you can see working in chinese noodle soup.

How to make Soupy Noodle / 湯麵

One nice thing about this dish is that you can prepare the pork in advance, or cook a good amount of it in one go, so you can refrigerate or freeze the left over pork. Next time you just have to wait for the noodle to cook!

  1. Put little bit of oil in a pan and drop in the minced pork. Put in fairly generous amount of soya sauce to cook the pork. This will form the base of the soup, so you want to make it fairly salty. Take off the heat once its cooked through and taken in the soya sauce.

  2. Boil a small pan of water and cook the noodles. (If you used dried Chinese mushroom, you can use the left over stock here. Even better, use FRESH vegetable stock here!)

  3. While the noodle is cooking, place the cooked pork in a big bowl that you want to serve in, and drizzle some soya sauce and rice vinegar. Better to start by just adding little bit of soya and vinegar... you can always add more later, once you mix in the soup and noodle!

  4. When the noodle is almost cooked, drop in the chinese greens and cook for a min or two. You want the vegetables to retain the 'crunch', so don't over boil it!

  5. Place the whole lot into the bowl, sprinkle chopped spring onion over it and serve!

If you got fresh stock and want to retain that nice crystal clear soup, just boil the noodles separately. But remember to boil all your other ingredients in the soup, so it picks up all the yummy flavours!

  • iconsam
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    Hot flavorful noodles made quick is always a plus with me.

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  • tigerfish
    tigerfish says

    What noodles did you use? Looks so much like linguine! Feel like a bowl now!

  • dubow
    dubow says

    hmm just soup noodle you can pick up from any good chinese supermarket.... called 拉麵 in chinese... if that helps?!

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    ha... no support chinese characters i guess....

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    Stop turning me on with your geek speak...

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    I am soooo trying this tomorrow night... or whenever I don't have leftovers... :P

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