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  • SpitsnPieces

    I never thought that Cauliflower which often hidden under the blanket of cheese sauce could turn into a hot veggie recipe. Have you tried balsamic & parmesan roasted cauliflower? It's a great recipe!

    on Cauliflower Soup
  • sethdixon

    If you do decide to mash them, you need to use a whole bunch more flour to help dry out the dough. These are absolutely great!!! Possibly my new favorite fried in butter food.

    on Buabaspitzla / Schupfnudeln
  • mikkel

    I had to make my own tahini and probably added too much of it. But yay! This is really tasty. Definitely not the last time I'm using this recipe.

    on Lebanese Hummus
  • telllner

    I tried the recipe and have to offer a correction. You really need to squeeze the potatoes through a ricer. Otherwise they carry too much water, even if you let them sit for half an hour. This makes them lose their shape when you boil them instead of developing a smooth coating. Without the coating they get soggy with oil all the way through

    on Buabaspitzla / Schupfnudeln
  • didka

    And if you'd like to make it as a traditional Bulgarian Tarator - then add chopped fresh dill, minced garlic and a dash of olive oil. Yum!

    on Tarator (Bulgarian Cucumber Soup)