DAAL Recipe



-1 cup of Daal or Red split peas -Yellow and Green beans -1 onion -1 pinch of small black mustard seeds -2 Cloves of Garlic -1 cube of Ginger -1/2 tsp of Tumeric and Paprika -1/2 cup of water -1 small Tomatoe -handful of Cilantro -Salt and Pepper to taste -2 tsp of oil

How to make DAAL

If East Indians have a soup this would be it.

Soooo Wash the Daal until the water is clear and then put about two cups of water in a pot and boil. Once it boils reduce heat to like the lowest temperature and really slow cook the daal for half an hour to forty minutes ....this step is crucial so that the daal slowly softens and becomes a soft mushy mush. Add the cube of ginger whole and chop ONE clove of the garlic and HALF of the onion not neccessarily into a dice..something larger but not pure chunks...you dice...just nice slivers on onion. Chop the bean however you like and add the paprika, tumeric pepper and salt to taste and slow simmer until the beans are cooked.

This part makes the Daal special. In another small fry pan heat up the oil and toast the mustard seeds for a minute then add the remainder of the onion and garlic and fry till the edges are red. Then be quick and nibble...take the water and pour into the pan and as it sizzle quickly stir into the Daal. This is a two texture cooking technique that makes the Daal taste nice. Stir in fresh Cilantro at the last minute. You can serve this as a side or over rice. ENJoY!

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