My Yasai Katsu Curry Recipe

My Yasai Katsu Curry


I LOVE Wagamama's Yasai Katsu Curry dish :) would order it everytime we dine there, so this weekend I've decided to try my hand in creating me own style curry dish - with couscous :)

- Sweet Potato
- Eggplant
- Flour
- 2 Eggs
- Breadcrumb
- Couscous
- Japanese label: S&B Golden Curry {Mild} if you live in North America these Curry comes in a box and can be find in almost all regular supermarkets {international section}

How to make My Yasai Katsu Curry

** First of all let's get Couscous ready : Fill one cup of Couscous with 11/4 water, cook till water starts to boil, then turn off the heat leave it sit there till all the water are been absorbed.

** Now Let's fry something **

  1. Slice one Eggplant - not too thick
  2. Peel and slice Sweet Potato
  3. in a medium bowl mix a little amount of Flour + Eggs
  4. in a plate pour in Breadcrumb
  5. Now everything is ready let's get to do some frying
  6. In a deep pan turn on the heat, when the pan becomes hot, pour in enough oil, when oil starts to boil
  7. while waiting for oil to boil - prepare a system to store the fried goods - ie, a big plate covered with paper
  8. when oil starts to boil, pick up a slice of sweet potato/eggplant dip into egg mixture then the plate of breadcrumb then into the frying oil
  9. when it floats up then it's done!
  10. *** The color will always appear lighter in the deep fryer, when you take the food out of oil their color will change from off white to golden brown ***

** Curry : open box, duh! break 2 squares of curry in a bowl mix two cubes of curry with 1 cup of water and a teaspoon of oil, put into microwave and wave it till it's all melted , mix it well pour onto rice and deep fried goodies.

That's all!

With the the oil still hot you may also deep fry some banana and make a banana sundae :)

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