Eggplant pizza Recipe

Eggplant pizza


  • Armenian bread
  • eggplant
  • fruits
  • cheese
  • roast beef

How to make Eggplant pizza

** {my fav. pizza crust} Christopher’s Bakery - old style Armenian bread, if you live in Boston then you are in luck, you can get some of this bread at Haymarket on fri+saturdays **

  1. Cut bread into triangle pizza shape (I like square shapes)

  2. Cut; eggplant, seedless grapes, roast beef, peach. Into small pieces

  3. On a stove-top grill, cook (2), add some wine + spice{for some flavor}

  4. Place cheese on bread then layer with (3), then top with some more cheese

  5. Cook in oven under 400, till cheese melts {super fast} - don't leave in the oven for more than 10 min.

*** That's all **

  • theory
    theory says

    Weird recipe (peaches and roast beef?) but in my head this sounds absolutely delicious. I HAVE to try it. No idea what Armenian bread is, though...

  • dannieg4
    dannieg4 says

    peaches and roast beef? yep they do sound pretty weird heehee. well our farmer's market usually carries this big flat bread that (i think) makes a really good pizza base (so i read the label it's called Armenian bread)

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