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  • jandn

    tried this for dinner tonight, everyone loved it! did it with tranism's roasted garlic kale (and some roasted peppers and steamed turnips) - was a scrumptious feast & the kids liked it too. Thanks!

    on Char Siu Chicken
  • wucancook

    Your dish makes me ache for my grandmother's version of this, which is very similar. Beautiful!

    on Buta no Kakuni
  • cwtan76

    Actually, I used to agree! Only salt and pepper on a steak for me. But this steak actually turned out good! Not dried out at all! We let it sit out for a while at room temp and then rested it for 10 minutes after.

    on Rum Marinated Steak
  • telliecoin

    oh i'm not saying anything about your photography skills :) i think this is a nice photo, just that it looks sharpened.. when I sharpen photos using picasa and photoshop it looks slightly different.. the sharpness here just looks like what i could do with picasa :) but i think it's a nice photo! :D

    on Buta no Kakuni