Free range chicken cous cous salad with the "sink" Recipe

Free range chicken cous cous salad with the


Free range chicken breasts
Sugar Peas
Dried Cranberries
Flat leaf parsley
Frozen peas
Free range eggs
Garlic clove
Sea salt
Lemon juice
Whole egg mayo

Don't worry about the lack of measurements, read instructions and see blog post for more information.

Blog Post

How to make Free range chicken cous cous salad with the "sink"

  • Poach the chicken breasts with lemongrass and lemon.
  • Whilst they're poaching, cut up a couple of handfuls of sugar peas, throw in some dried cranberries a julienned carrot, toast a handful of cashews chop them up and throw them in too together with a bunch of chopped celery and flat leaf parsley. Stir this up.
  • When your chicken's almost done, throw in a cup of frozen peas into the water with the chicken. After a couple of minutes pull out the breasts and drain the peas.
  • Grab a cup of uncooked cous cous and pour over a cup of boiling water, cover with a tea towel and leave for 5 mins. Then fluff with a fork and add a little seasoning, butter and olive oil.
  • Slice the breasts which will be nice and juicy as you've poached them and throw them in the bowl with the other ingredients. Rinse the peas under cold water and throw them in too.
  • Whilst all the above is happening make a dressing, using thiswhich you bought months ago but haven't used. Put a clove of garlic, salt and some dried herbs, lemon juice and whole egg mayonnaise in the shaker and shake the bejesus out of it then pour over the salad and toss, toss, toss. Sit down with your favourite person and enjoy.

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