The Perfect Hot Cocoa Recipe

The Perfect Hot Cocoa


  • Sugar
  • Vanilla sugar (or Vanillin)
  • Cocoa powder
  • Cream
  • Milk
  • Honey (liquid)

How to make The Perfect Hot Cocoa

This is a perfect finish to a cold day. As simple as that.

  1. Heat the milk, slowly (keeps the heat longer?).
  2. Whip the cream with some vanilla sugar in it, put it in the fridge while the milk is heating.
  3. Mix together sugar, vanilla sugar and cocoa powder, if the milk is warm enough put in some liquid honey and stir.
  4. Now pour in the dry ingredients and stir so that it is evenly mixed.
  5. Lastly, pour the cocoa in a cup or a glass, put in a spoon (or two) of the whipped cream. Sprinke some cocoa podwder on top.
And you're done!

Update; yongfook gave me a tip, try adding a little bit of salt and/or chili for some extra kick in it. It's delicious!
Question from the Chef

“What's your favorite hot (or cold) cocoa recipe?”

  • yongfook
    yongfook says

    sounds sweet, but just what I need for the winter months. may I suggest a tiny sprinkle of salt - it really adds another dimension. chilli also works really well, you can deseed a chilli pepper and use it to "stir" the hot chocolate for a minute or two (then discard the chilli) - it adds this extra-warming spicy note! (this is how the aztecs took their chocolate!)

  • coffinboy
    coffinboy says

    I haven't tried this with salt, never heard of that before (I will try it though!) but chili I've tried. I actually made my own spice using cocoa powder and dried chili, weird, but works great!

  • originaloflaura
    originaloflaura says

    Where do you get vanilla sugar? Is it a specialty item, or can you find it at a decent grocery store?

  • coffinboy
    coffinboy says

    Vanilla sugar should be considered a specialty item, I know for a fact that it may be hard to get outside Europe. Vanillin works as good, but you can easily make your own vanilla sugar.

  • tommybeek
    tommybeek says

    You can make vanilla sugar two easy ways: 1. Put a vanilla bean into a jar of sugar 2. Put a few drops of vanilla extract at the bottom of a jar, add sugar.

  • funkybrownchick
    funkybrownchick says

    Even better w/ Kahlua. :)

  • coffinboy
    coffinboy says

    Well, it is yeah but I prefer this without liqueur. Suits better with a White Russian for that purpose, this is just something sweet and hot on a cold winter's evening. :D

  • GunnarM
    GunnarM says

    Add mixture of cardamom, cinnamon and just a little chili to the hot chocolate. Wow!

  • ZenCupcake
    ZenCupcake says

    Wonderful recipe.

  • ZenCupcake
    ZenCupcake says

    I like salted caramel Starbucks drinks. They are great in the chilly evenings.

  • NaviniGirl
    NaviniGirl says

    I like to heat milk and sugar, then add to shaved dark chocolate, whip up in blender, and top with natural/homemade marshmallows. Delish.

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