you say tomayto, i say tamahto Recipe

you say tomayto, i say tamahto

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romaine lettuce
horseradish mustard
green tomato
red tomato
salt and pepper

How to make you say tomayto, i say tamahto

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I began with some crisp romaine lettuce. I tossed about 1 1/2 cups with 1 tblsp. of horseradish mustard in a small bowl until it was well coated. I then sliced half of a small red tomato and 1/2 of a medium green tomato. I tossed these in a separate bowl with salt and pepper. The carnivore grilled some fresh cornand once it was ready I removed the corn from the cob and tossed it with the tomatoes. I grabbed a large bowl and placed the lettuce on the bottom and then topped it with the veggie mixture.

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