poolside pineapple drink Recipe

poolside pineapple drink

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A blender full of ice cubes
3-4 slices of fresh pineapple
2.5 cups of Dole Blends - Orange, Peach, Mango Juice
3 shots of rum
1 shot of peach liqueur

How to make poolside pineapple drink

for more info see - http://www.cooking4carnivores.com/2009/06/poolside-pineapple-drink.html

Simply fill your blender with ice cubes. Add in 3-4 slices of fresh pineapple, 2.5 cups of Dole Blends Orange, Peach, Mango Juice, three shots of rum, and one shot of peach liqueur. Blend until the consistency of a slushy. Garnish with more pineapple and drink through a straw. You will have enough to share or have several drinks on your own.

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    That sounds so good this time of year.

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