Caprese Satay's Recipe

Caprese Satay's

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15 - Bamboo skewers

15 - Bocconcini mozzarella

15 leaves - Thai or regular basil

15 - Sweet 100 or another small cherry tomatoes

How to make Caprese Satay's

This is one of the more complicated dishes I have posted here ;), enjoy.

  1. Place the Bocconcini onto the bamboo skewer.
  2. Place one basil leaf onto the skewer snug up against the cheese.
  3. Place one of the sweet 100 or other cherry tomatoes up against the basil and cheese. Remember to skewer the tomato through the stem end first so you have a clean looking tomato to present to your guests.
  4. Serve, sprinkled with freshly ground sea salt or drizzle a bit of basil pesto for an added punch.

This is a tasty and refreshing dish for those warm, or even hot summer days. A nice glass of cool white wine and your good to go.

You can also go to for more information on this dish.



  • annedn
    annedn says

    That's a smart idea as an alternative to stack the tomatoes with the mozzarella and basil.

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