Soto Ayam (Chicken Soto) Recipe

Soto Ayam (Chicken Soto)


This is my mom's recipe and it's written in Indonesian. I'm gonna have to translate it first.


How to make Soto Ayam (Chicken Soto)


  • iconsam
    iconsam says

    I just had a funny thought that your mom's recipe said "eatmeeatmeeatme" all over.

  • sumafood
    sumafood says

    Wow, definitely looking forward to it! I don't think I've ever eaten anything like it... I've gotta try it!

  • sgtoca
    sgtoca says

    looks sedap! gawd, i miss this stuff, look forward to your mama's recipe, terima kasih banyak

  • celia
    celia says

    sgtoca > did you used to live in Indonesia?

  • sgtoca
    sgtoca says

    celia, i used to live in Singapore about 15 years ago, now Canada. I have been to Indonesia tho, just Jakarta and Bali :)

  • celia
    celia says

    i assume you visited Jakarta and Bali about 10-15 years ago? ;)

  • sgtoca
    sgtoca says

    yep, i was in Jakarta at least 12 years ago. went during hari raya celebration, loved it.

  • MeltingWok
    MeltingWok says

    hey celia, thx for dropping by my post :) btw, loved soto ayam..I actually had this cooked by some friends over NY eve of 2006, ahh..time to cook some up again ..ooh, sedap dan tepat..oh yeah :)

  • sevenova
    sevenova says

    i like soto ayam. where is soto betawi? hehehe

  • JordanC
    JordanC says

    Absolutely delicious! Thanks very much for the recipe

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