Summer salmon salad....healthy eating Recipe

Summer salmon salad....healthy eating


Nice squared off cuts of fresh salmon ( skin on )

Black pepper , sea salt and a rubbing of olive oil

A selection of the freshest salad vegetables

blanched green beans

Thinly sliced radish

skinned tomato lozenges

sliced spring onion

cucumber tagliatelle

basil leaves , coriander leaves

baby salad leaves


Basic herb oil of good olive oil , some basil and flat parsley with a little salt and papper , blitzed in the blender until well broken down , then allowed to stand a while.

How to make Summer salmon salad....healthy eating

Ok so here goes for another simple and healthy dish , so easy to put together with a minimum amount of cookery knowledge.Once again its how its served that makes it all the more appealing to eat but in reality its pretty unadventurous and far too healthy , especially when i still love to cook with butter and lots of cream.

The salmon can be eaten hot, warm or cold so thats up to you how you prefer it.

Simply rub with the oil and seasoning and gently pan fry for a minute or so on each side.Let the residual heat finish off the cooking so the salmon stays nice and moist inside.

Assemble attractive little portions of salady things on top of the salmon and carefully plate up.

Add a little dressing to liven the whole thing up.

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    Diahandary says

    Nicely presented...I love it.. :)

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    This recipe has been showcased on Facebook's Nibbledish Group! :)

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